I Run

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I Run

I run
to get away
get lost
leave everything behind
go unseen

I run
To feel light

I run
to open my heart
and lungs
pulling in the earth and sky
with each deep
holding it inside
filling me completely

I run
to shift from full sunlight
into the dense
dark forest
where the damp smell
of decaying earth
caresses my skin
my mind
with it’s sweet chill
and smell

I run
to let my feet fly
lift me up
push me forward
into the unknown

I run
to remind myself
that there is more
to this life
than the silly dramas
catching us unaware
dragging us
where we were never meant to go

I run
because it is me
just me
and the wind
and the dappling light
shifting across my face
between the leaves

Thank you legs
for carrying me
and allowing me
to experience all of this beauty

adminI Run

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