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Where is your magnificence,
the Mother asked.
Searching around the breakfast table
her eyes found none.

the daughter replied.
Shaking her head in resignation.
I am too tired today, Mom.

That is why I am asking
because you look so tired,
Mom states.

the daughter begins
Mischief dancing in her eyes
Two gnomes took her to help
ornament the lawn.

Mom replies.

Deep, loud sigh
daughter begins
Okay, a band of Gypsies
came to me in the night

I awoke to my magnificence
laying in the arms of one
I started to protest
but was stopped by a sad story

(Dramatic Pause)

The Gypsies were desperate
They needed my magnificence
to release a fortune teller
trapped in a parallel universe.

Just a touch of it
They asked to borrow it
and I agreed
Daughter finished

Mom turned away,

Nice story, dear.
Too old for that one.

No one can borrow your magnificence
No one can steel it
Some might hope to bask in it
or touch your light from it
but only you can manipulate her.

Daughter cried
What do you mean no one can take her?

What about when
I fail a test,
I fight with my friends,
I get annoyed with you?
Where is it then?

I am so glad you asked.
You are really good at hiding her,
tucking her away
Shoving her under things

It is not just you.
We are all good at hiding our
and love.

No one
can take it away from you,
but you can hide it really well.
The only one who can do anything with her
is you.

Where is she?

I don’t know,
daughter screams

Who cares anyway?!
Yesterday, when I had her
in my heart
Jess was so mad at me.
She said she could not be
around me
because everyone thought I was funny
and fun
and pretty.
She felt like she was not
with me.

The Mom
sat next to the daughter,
held her gaze.

I understand.
You felt your magnificence
hurt your friend.
I didn’t.
Your friend hurts
because you remind her
that she is hiding her own magnificence.

Your magnificence wakes her up
to her own missing.

It is not your fault.
It is not your problem.
It is hers.

If you truly want to help her
Tell her she has some
that is all her own
and that holding yours in will not bring it out.
She must do that herself.
And offer to help
if you choose to,
but not because you have to.

By allowing yours out
you show others that is it okay
to be your true magnificent self.
and that teaches them more than
hiding your own
to make them feel better.

When you do things to make
others you love feel better
you deny your own feelings
and that helps no one.

Do not stop being you
to make others feel better.

Be yourself
and show them how
to be better at all times
not better right now.

As the Mom spoke
the daughter felt a tug
on her arm and in her heart.

She knew what
her Mom said was true.

And there was her magnificence
under her arm,
cover with a towel
from the morning shower
waiting to come in.

The daughter asked her to come in
and immediately felt
bigger and brighter.

The daughter smiled
looked at the Mom.

I still don’t like it when you are right!

I know, baby
the Mom whispered
trying not to smile
then leaning in
to kiss daughter’s head

Daughter hopped up.

No kisses needed,
See, ya, Mom!

Have a great day magnificent you
Mom yelled after her.


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